Immaculate Conception School of Port Clinton

Immaculate Conception School of Port Clinton


Parenting is hard. And these days it just seems even harder with increasing work commitments, growing home and community obligations, a return to child extracurricular activities all while maintaining a balance of trying to keep everyone healthy yet still having a good dose of fun. The balance can feel exhausting. The stress high. But having my 3 children at ICS helps ease those burdens. Not only does a faith based education equip my kids with the power of prayer when things get hard, but the smaller classrooms have a built in sense of security. And not just when it comes to physical health, but especially for the mental health of my children. Their teachers know them. They can spot when something is off, when they're having a bad day, when they need to pivot a lesson if ever so slightly. ICS for me has also come with a built in community. A strangers kind words when they notice my children in their uniforms in the grocery store. The other ICS parents that offer my child a ride or even a family meal when life really throws you a curve call. I know for certain that not only does it take a Village to raise a child, but it takes a Village to support a parent. I've found my Village at ICS.

Kim Leneghan, Mother of Kate (Grade 5), Declan (Grade 3), and Leah (Kindergarten)

The Catholic education our children receive at Immaculate Conception School provides a holistic approach for a foundation for life and allows them to carry Christ in their hearts, wherever they go. They are educated and challenged to make decisions and actions that are considered Christ-like; not only in actions, but words. They develop strong moral and ethical foundations to help them make right decisions during situations that are not clearly black and white. With scripture as a tool for guidance, they receive inspiration to get them through the challenges they will face in life. Through Catholic education, they become an integral part of the Church and help to develop Christ centered communities based on gospel values. They are an instrument of God’s grace in family, community, world and are able to see the footprints of God in their daily life.

Stephanie Gonya, Mother of Aleah (Grade 5), Annaleise (Grade 3), Ian and Michael (Grade 1)

ICS has been such a great place for my 2 children. Growing up Catholic and attending ICS myself, I knew it’s where I would want my children to be. The attention and personalization the school provides to each and every child is none short of amazing. Communication with teachers and staff is always exceptional. My children are receiving a faith based education which also promotes kindness and inclusion. ICS takes safety seriously, which is always at the forefront of my “mom” mind. There’s no place I’d rather them be. Thank you ICS for creating such a great space for little ones!

Mary Kate Fulkert, Mother of Ivy (Kindergarten) and Michael (4 year old Preschool)

Our family is very grateful for the education our children have received at ICS. We became part of the ICS family seven years ago with our daughter starting preschool - now is in the fifth grade, and we now have our son in the preschool class. Picking ICS was the best decision we made for our children. The smaller classrooms gave more individual time. The staff goes above and beyond for the children there and are very caring in all situations that come about. We’re blessed to have wonderful staff at ICS.

Dana Lynd, Mother of Ella (Grade 5) and Liam (4 year old Preschool)

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